Why Your Website Isn’t Converting New Customers

If you don’t have a website, you are undoubtedly missing out on new customers. Although having a website doesn’t automatically mean you will have paying clients. You need to have a website that converts in order for it to make you money. A website that’s conversion optimized helps guide the visitor towards making a purchase. There are many variables involved when improving a websites conversion rate. Optimize website keywords to begin, as it can help with rankings right away. You have greater chances of getting new clients if your site can be found on search engines like Google. Let’s talk about a few important strategies to consider to get you going in the right direction.

Engaging Content That’s Relevant

One of the most important factors is having engaging content. You need to give your visitors what they are looking for. No matter the niche, there’s always a unique angle to take on a product or service. Answer questions, raise questions and really try to connect with your target audience. Google and the other search engines love new original content. Not only can it help with search engine optimization, but it can increase a websites dwell time. Websites that have high bounce rates often have irrelevant content that doesn’t interest the visitor. After you put all the effort in to get a visitor whether it’s through SEO, PPC or whatever, you want to protect that investment by providing a user experience that converts into a sale for your business. Basically give the person what they are looking for. A website with a low bounce rate has users that are staying on the pages. Typically an indicator of conversions assuming offers and call to actions are strong.

Weak Call to Actions

You can potentially increase the chance of getting engagement on your website if you have great call to actions. Tell the visitors what you want them to do. Give them an attractive offer for your product or service, or the opportunity to learn more. Once you have a visitor on your website, you want to guide the way to the desired outcome. In some instances, it is a phone call, a data form submission or a sale on an eCommerce website. Creating good site architecture can help make it easier for your prospective clients find the information they are looking for. Things like site maps and organized navigation are overlooked far too often. Click here to get a free marketing strategy call.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Design

More and more searchers are looking to buy products and services with their smartphones. Having a website that isn’t responsive can mean losing out on valuable clients. If someone searches your business on a smartphone, yet the website is difficult to navigate. There’s a good chance you could lose that prospective client forever. Eye To Ad Media designs high end responsive websites that perform. Get a website design consultation here. Website optimization is vital int order to get the ROI you want. 

Search Engine Optimization For Your Website

An incredible website is important; however, it could fail miserably if people can’t find it. Doing SEO to your website is like giving your car gas. Without it, you won’t get far. SEO is even required to optimize paid advertising. You will pay more and have poor click through rates without it. Google and the other search engines want the absolute best websites to be at the top for searches to find. There are many variables in a good SEO campaign. Website speed, keywords, content, website security, site architecture, technical SEO, backlinks and more. Search engine optimization is a constantly moving target that changes often. The underlying premise of it remains the same. Provide a positive UX for your visitors. Eye To Ad Media experts will help design the right SEO conversion optimized campaign for your business. Work with the Denver SEO company conversion rate experts. 

Attractive Website Design

You want a website that looks like it’s keeping up with the times. Nothing can lower consumer confidence like a generic looking website. You need to build up the consumers’ trust of your brand by talking about all the great attributes of your company and service. This is your 24-7 salesperson that can help you get leads while you are sleeping. What would you tell the customer in person? You need your website to sell at the same level. Having a site that has nice layout, good colorful images and thorough descriptions can go a long way. Visitors that are trying to learn about your business can be reassured by the quality of your website. A powerful and effective website design can give you an advantage over your competition. SEO Denver only works as good as your website. Contact us and work with a top rated Denver SEO agency that can help take your website to new levels.

Slow Website Load Speed

A slow website will likely have poor conversion rates and high bounce rates. Consumers are paying for faster wifi speeds and computer processors, why would they want to be on a slow website. You want your website to load super-fast and seamlessly. Then visitors won’t get frustrated waiting for pages to load. Your visitors time is valuable. Having a website that is fast shows your prospective clients you care about their time. Besides, you want them to be able to learn about your product or service in a way that’s enjoyable. Hopefully ultimately getting the conversion you are looking for.

Poor Website Security

This is a big one. Something as simple as not having an SSL security certificate can mean poor ROI for your marketing efforts. Even handing out a business card could lead to a prospective client getting a security warning when they try to visit your website. SSL and malware scans are essential to have optimal website security. Call today for a no obligation marketing consultation. 1-800-481-8638