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Eye To Ad has advertising solutions that are as custom and unique as your business is. Marketing and advertising can be a tricky business that is constantly evolving with technology and the markets.

We help your customer’s eyes find your business’ ads. Our advertising solutions are among the best in the industry. Diversification and reach are key components to any successful ad campaign. It is a matter of getting an attractive ad and enticing offer in front of a prospective client’s eyes. Understanding the target audience is absolutely essential to optimize client acquisition money and having a solid understanding of the type of buyer your organization is seeking.

Not all businesses are a like; therefore all marketing plans should be unique as well. Whether you’re seeking solutions on creating a powerful image and brand, or are looking for e-commerce platforms designed for customer conversions twenty four hours a day; Eye To Ad has the answers. Depending upon your company’s industry market saturation and many other variables, we have advertising that can set you apart from the competition.

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    Advertising Solutions For All Types Of Businesses.

    One key metric in internet marketing, is impressions. Typically the more impressions, the more clicks one can expect. Normally the more clicks you get, the more new customer conversions you’ll see. That’s the goal! There are many components involved. If one of the links isn’t working, efficiency can be lost. Websites that are engaging and offer subject matter the searcher is looking for, will most likely have a lower bounce rate and a greater interaction rate.  Having a powerful call to action is critical when designing print ads, online or even sales technique protocol. Not having essential components such as a call to action, can make advertising dollars work less efficiently and ultimately lead to adverse response and conversion rates.  Websites that have an engaged audience will be more likely to gain new prospective clients.

    Why do some ads work, while others do not?

    This is an important question to consider when developing a marketing plan and identity for a business. How do colors influence people’s decisions when interacting with a brands identity? How do colors make people feel?  If a logo or brand isn’t as good as it could be, can that have an adverse impact on conversion rates? The answer is yes! Graphic design is an essential component to advertising a business. Not only is having a powerful logo important so that your customers can recognize your business, it is equally essential to make marketing dollars work as efficiently as possible. Captivating graphics can make or break an advertising campaign and brand. What is effective with one industry, may be completely ineffective with another. What works in one economic climate may not work in another. It is critically important to understand the demographic of the target audience for a business. These are a few examples of different variables involved that can have a positive of negative impact on advertising efforts.

    Helping your organization reach its full potential is what Eye To Ad Media does best.

    Many companies have incredible products and services, yet having a low volume of consumers that know about their existence can be a huge hurdle many businesses have to face. Fortunately for them, the internet has been considered a great leveling field between small business and giant corporations. For some businesses it may be the perfect opportunity to attract new clients.

    A diversified advertising plan typically will fare much better than one that’s greatly limited. One of the most important variables, is actually getting your business’ ads or sales personnel in front of your prospective customers eyes. Sometimes SEO is the solution, sometimes print is the way to go. Often times it’s a combination of several of forms of media and strategic customer conversion strategies. Eye To Ad has advertising solutions that can be catered to your company’s unique needs and goals.

    Being found is just the beginning.

    Then it’s about what you have to offer and how you make your potential customer feel about the advertisement or marketing material they are viewing. Is the copywriting portraying your brand as well as it should be? Sometimes a grammatical mistake or a simple spelling error can lead to lower customer conversion rates. The small details can add up to a big sale!

    With most industries having multiple competitors, it’s important to stick out. Eye To Ad has a creative department that will help your company establish a strong identity and marketing plan. Let us assist your business at being discovered and differentiated from the competition.