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A goal without a plan, is simply a wish.

Having a business without a business plan can be disastrous. It is common knowledge that a very small percentage of people actually write out their goals. The figures vary, but according to our information the percentage is below 2%. Is it a coincidence the wealthiest 1 -2 % control most of the money? Or that out of a 100 new businesses that begin, in the first five years, only 1% make it.

business planning services
Having a business plan is an essential part to any company. Knowing what will happen, what the primary objectives are and when or exactly how they will be accomplished is critical to beating the odds.

Eye To Ad specializes in creating unique, powerful and robust business plans. Our experts can help you take your concepts and ideas and put them to paper, organizing your action steps to success. If you only have an idea for a business, yet nothing beyond that; we still can help you. Our business planning experts can custom tailor a business plan based on your vision from the ground up. If your needs go beyond our business planning services, we recommend you check out our business consulting page.