Eye to Ad Media Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cut and dry answer to this question; it greatly depends upon the scope of work involved. Most website projects take between 2 weeks to 1 month.

There are many variables involved, a main one being the competition level of the target keyword. SEO in an ongoing process that is constantly changing. There are algorithm modifications made by major search engines several times per year. You must have a multiple month SEO game plan to achieve top search engine placement.

Yes, our advertising experts will evaluate your marketing objectives and make recommendations based on your company’s goals and market research. Furthermore your designated consultant will custom tailor a marketing plan and advertising campaign designed to create conversions.

Depending upon which package is purchased, you can have a specially trained sales expert come to your business and perform a full evaluation on the sales process and department. Sales Protocol Specialists may spend multiple days at your business evaluating all sales process’, marketing objectives, web design, SEO, protocol development and other vital business strengthening strategies in order to execute proper profitability adjustments and improvements.

Eye To Ad only utilizes professional writers, many of whom are accredited by a university and are expert writers in SEO.

Yes, you are assigned a Business Development Project Manager who is in full communication throughout your business’ transformation. Your personal executive will help guide you through the entire process, whether it is for a simple logo creation, complex SEO campaign, eCommerce shopping cart site, advertising makeover or one of our many other business development services. Profit is the bottom line, it all starts with a sale.

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